Duno springs from the intuition of a team of professionals linked by many years of experience in the world of outer-wear, who were inspired by the need to create a new brand with its eye on the current market trends in every corner of the globe. The brand is the vision of a new fashion company involved in the world of travel, insearch of the perfect combination of style, quality and practicality.

The creative and stylistic process that accompanies the creation of our models embodies a metropolitan and at the same time elegant mood, ideal for dressing our Flaneur, our world citizen. We pay attention to the tiniest details of the style of our garments, with sought-after but not excessive colours and fabrics, so as to achive studied but not ostentatious perfection.Pure clean lines drawn delicately on the technical fabrics, all with specific purpose, putting the garment at the service of man, not the other way round. The volumes are never excessive in one sense or the other, likewise the colours are never too vibrant.

A mix between a selection of classical, traditional items and garments coming from the technical wardrobe. Thus it is that in the collections a field jacket in heat-welded nylon will be followed by tubolar down jackets, coach jackets and trench coats with removable linings, where a wool batting fabric is coupled with a protective waterproof membrane. The classical windproof jacket in technical fabric goes beyond the borders of active-wear to create a new definition of formal casual-wear, exalted in the layering of contrasting weights and volumes.

Duno has a reassuring iconic charm. A meeting point between the technical wardrobe and city leisurewear. Garments with a minimal design that go together well with the purity of the absolute monochrome colour. A techno-tailored short circuit, with a casual look and high-tech practicality. No excess, no logos disrupting the clean lines. A brand with its eye on the future, a constantly evolving reality that conceals its temporal continuum in the creation of its collections, revealing that usual combination which comes to life in the search for an essential design and in the realisation of a sophisticated image that lasts over time and encompasses linearity and uniqueness.